Obra Aberta

Obra Aberta_ founded in 2012, the group uses open scores and free generative improvisation creating an  interactive musical making in a collective  environment. It is an ensemble that serves as a laboratory for its members to develop proposals for open work, polishes them collectively, and improve their fluency in improvisation.

In the search for the sound of the group we experimented with the idea of deterritorialization in relation to predetermined languages ​​of improvisation, like jazz or Brazilian music, which ultimately elicit an innovative attitude with respect to the way of playing the instrument and the sound itself. The concern with the performance and the relationship between music and scene are also part of the scope of our work.

The formation of the group consists of six musicians, two guitarists, experimenting with other plucked instruments like electric guitar, bass, and viola caipira, a Brazilian ten string guitar that uses open and unusual tuning, a pianist, who is also fluent in the harpsichord, one accordion, two saxophonists, that play soprano, alto and tenor saxophones and make use of transversal and folk flutes from South America and clarinet. Within this ensemble we can get different subgroups sometimes not very usual combinations and timbral variety, which gives the group its distinct sonorities