Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1987, Son of a Pedagogue and an Archeologist, Theo always combined an interest in anthropology and history in his music and artistic endeavours, that sprouted at an early age. Studied music With Ricardo Breim and Ana Fridman, and later graduated in a Bachelor in Popular music, Guitar at the Campinas state university (Unicamp), where he studied under Ulisses Rocha, Silvio Ferraz, Jose Augusto Mannis and others. Further developed his studies on composition in EMESP (Sao Paulo conservatory) with Rodrigo Lima.

Theo is part of the experimental group on improvisation called Obra Aberta, in which many of its members are researchers on that subject in different places of the world.


In 2017 he moved to Rotterdam to do master studies in composition, where he studied with Peter-Jan Wagemans, Robin De Raaf and Paul M.Van Brugge, developing a research on open notation, improvisation and controlled aleatorities in music.


As a composer he aims to bridge the gap between popular and classical music, and to incorporate different folk elements and their intertext, through chamber ensemble pieces and large formations, such as hybrid and extended big bands, for which he has a series of pieces.


As a guitar player he has research on transcriptions of russian XXth century music for the instrument, also plays a selected repertoire of brazilian guitar music, and collaborates on the Rotterdam guitar trio. With the guitar he works showing the richness of brazilian musical traditions, solo and with a duo with the spanish multi-instrumentalist Jose Villegas Raigon, and also with the samba ensemble Ripa na Tulipa, mainly in the Netherlands, but also in other european countries such as France, Spain, Portugal and Germany.